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It is an old story again. Long long ago when I was working with Sify Astrology I had a major problem, which when I look back looks so menial and unnecessary. Of course all the eyes were on it, and whichever channel - let it be Sify Hindi, or Sify Tamil or Sify Telugu, all wanted to start their Astro channel to show revenues to save their asses at job.

CBI questions Sify COO CR Rao in SSC paper leak case | India News - Times of India

You know what is coming all through the movie, and there is zero suspense maintained. Shahrukh Khan has performed well rather he has not performed at all — hence he is tolerable. This page is an archive of entries from September listed from newest to oldest. Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content. September Archives The Ram Sethu controversy! By kenni on September 26, AM.

Continue reading The Ram Sethu controversy! Afflicted with Retinoblastoma , a cancer of the retina, an eye had to be removed so the cancer wouldn't spread and Selvaraghavan makes public appearances wearing glasses. On 15 December , he married actress Sonia Agarwal , with whom he had previously worked with on three films.

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After their two-year marriage, Sonia Agarwal and Selvaraghavan filed for divorce with mutual consent in a Chennai family court on 9 August Gitanjali had worked as his assistant director in Mayakkam Enna. Despite coming from a family from the film industry, Selvaraghavan and his sisters were persuaded by their parents to seek a career with an academic background. He subsequently went on to attain a BEng. During his studies, he engaged part-time in different career paths in a process he describes as "soul-searching", before finding satisfaction as a writer.

His family faced financial pressures in the early s with his father being out of work, and subsequently they decided to put their remaining earnings into a venture titled Thulluvadho Ilamai , which Selvaraghavan had written. Featuring his brother Dhanush in his first role, alongside Sherin and Abhinay , the film told the coming-of-age story of six high school students and featured a hit soundtrack by Yuvan Shankar Raja. After taking a small opening, the film began to get teen audiences to cinema halls for its adolescent themes, while also being publicized in quarters as a "soft porn" film.

It subsequently went on to become a sleeper hit and won positive reviews from critics for breaking the stereotypes of Tamil films. Following the success of the previous film, the team chose to collaborate again with the psychotic romantic thriller Kaadhal Kondein , credited as Selvaraghavan's first film. The venture, produced by his home production, also marked the first collaboration of Selvaraghavan with cinematographer Arvind Krishna , whom he would later associate with regularly.

Selvaraghavan had written the script for the film in the late s and had first narrated the story to Dhanush in their shared bedroom at home, before asking him to play the lead role of Vinod after the success of Thulluvadho Illamai. The lack of a mother's love haunts the protagonist throughout the film as the girl of his infatuation is killed. Becoming a psychopath, he desperately tries to woo his newly found lady love and his efforts culminate in a thrilling climax.

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He revealed that the film's inspiration came from his college days when he had been fascinated with a Punjabi girl called Ruchika, during his education in KK Nagar. Rathnam , in the leading role after a successful screen test while choosing to retain Sonia Agarwal as the lead actress, due to her Punjabi origin.

The film opened in October to positive reviews, with a critic from Sify.

In , he began pre-production on a gangster film titled Kasimedu for producer Salem A. Chandrasekharan, which would feature Ajith Kumar , Dhanush and Bharath in the leading roles. The film was later cancelled, and the director became involved in a legal tussle in for failing to return his advance payments for the project. The title was later changed to Pudhupettai , with Sneha also selected to play the role of prostitute. Talking about the making of the film, Selvaraghavan called it "an experiment" and stated it had "one of the most complicated screenplays", while revealing he was more nervous with the final product in comparison to his previous ventures.

He loses grip over the plot and the narration goes haywire". Selvaraghavan then moved on to direct a Telugu film which he had committed to make since with Venkatesh in the leading role. Vishwanath , Swati Reddy and Srikanth , the film marked a move away from Selvaraghavan's hard-hitting films and was a simple romantic drama film. Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule opened to positive reviews in April , with critics noting: "Selva reads the safe path in AMAV, and is most likely to emerge with a winner.

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After the disappointing reception to his previous Tamil film, Selvaraghavan took a sabbatical to plan future projects and set up a production company, White Elephants , along with Yuvan Shankar Raja and Arvind Krishna , whose first project Idhu Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam began filming in November The team began shooting with Karthi , whose first film Paruthiveeran was awaiting release, and Sandhya.

The film was titled as Aayirathil Oruvan , and Andrea Jeremiah and Parthiban also were soon after added to the principal cast. Prakash Kumar. Shoots in all regions were tough and demanding for the crew as the film featured more than three thousand junior artistes from a variety of unions across India, with the language barrier becoming a problem. Uncut, the film was made to run for minutes, but the theatrical release was heavily censored at minutes and upon release in January , the film remarkably gained mixed reviews.

Despite the mixed reaction to the film, Selvaraghavan has expressed interest in making a sequel to the film featuring Dhanush in the future. Selvaraghavan then relaunched his marital drama film Idhu Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam in November and filming started with a new cast of Dhanush and Andrea Jeremiah in the leading roles. Ramji and G.

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Prakash Kumar had taken over as the cinematographer and music director respectively. Filming continued in caves near the Himalayas with the team facing trouble with the freezing weather conditions, while Selvaraghavan announced that the next schedule would be held abroad in the United States. After release of Aayirathil Oruvan , Selvaraghavan began work on a fantasy romance script titled Maruvan , which would yet again feature Dhanush and Andrea Jeremiah in the lead roles.

CBI questions Sify COO CR Rao in SSC paper leak case

Production started in July and the shoot of the film progressed slowly, with the project undergoing a title change to Irandam Ulagam. Prakash Kumar became busy, but eventually later changed his mind and retained his original choice. The title was confirmed as Mayakkam Enna , and the film depicted the story of an aspiring wildlife photographer and his struggles in life. Selvaraghavan revealed that he drew instances from his and Dhanush's lives and adapted the screenplay to make it applicable to "gen-next" audiences.

Selvaraghavan then chose to restart work on Irandam Ulagam in September , with a new cast of Arya and Anushka Shetty and began shooting for the film again from the start. The film narrates two love stories taking place in parallel universes and how they come to coincide, with the lead actors both playing double roles.

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Talking about the film, the director noted that he tried to readdress the problem of the "concept of pure love being lost to today's generation" and incorporated elements of mysticism, Sufism and a Zen feel to the story. It's a love story without a shred of genuine passion". However, like all his previous films, this one too is ahead of its time", while The New Indian Express noted: "brilliantly conceived, the film, however, falls short on execution". In December , Selvaraghavan began pre-production on a new venture titled Alaivarisai , produced by Varun Manian, which would feature Silambarasan and Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles.

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The film was put on hold in May , with Manian announcing that Selvaraghavan had to sort out issues with his previous producers PVP Cinemas, before beginning work on the venture.