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Therefore, they have no qualms with rudely telling you that you are being rude. And if you have an ego that you like to put on display, well, get ready to be cut down in size by the Virgo moon who is unimpressed with your self-centeredness. Helping others Oddly, us Virgo moons love fixer-upper people if we think they can be salvaged. But if they see you as a diamond in the rough, a misunderstood genius, they will go out of their way to help you in anyway possible—that is until you prove yourself to be a hopeless cause.

In that case, they will coldly withdraw their assistance and not pick up when you call. Whatever their career choice or lifestyle, work has to have meaning and contribute to some greater good in order for the Virgo moon to feel fulfilled. You may have read that Virgos like tasks that require attention to detail.

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This is true. January 11, at pm March 31, at am May 17, at pm July 28, at pm August 15, at am August 22, at am Appreciate feedbacks Like 0. March 9, at pm Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 of 14 total. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Search Forums Search for:. Related Topics Letting Go Top Topics love and success. Their combination is wonderful since both enable to supplement each other perfectly. Leo tends to love passionately and that makes Virgo satisfied. However, if both sides learn how to be persistent and treat the other with mutual understanding and sympathy, Virgo and Leo love compatibility will rank highly.

Early in the relationship, we advise both parties to adjust their behavior because of the common advantages. When Virgo and Scorpio unite together, both of them might encourage and support each other. Owing to that, they easily form a perfect and strong union. A timid and shy Virgo extremely adores a powerful and strong Scorpio-born.

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In love, Scorpio is full of sentiments and loves controlling their own relationship. Virgo is under the Earth sign; meanwhile, Scorpio belongs to the Water sign.

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To be described as a large ocean, but if the Scorpio receives lots of pressures, they will easily blow away all things. Talk about the life, Virgo might teach Scorpio the realities and how to remove fake values. Scorpio is under the Fixed Sign, and Virgo is a mutable sign. If mentioning about a common aim, nothing can stop them.

In case that there is an argument happening between them, the Virgo-born will be willing to move backward and not permit anything take place. Accordingly, both of them need to know that before happening in any trouble to discuss and find the common solution. In sum up, do you know which major aspect has a great effect on the compatibility between Virgo and Scorpio? When these two star signs are combined, they can be great friends as they are both intellectual. They can enjoy the endless debates or discussions, especially in learning or working area.

However, their compatibility is a complex issue. So far, the friendship of these two seems good. When entering love border, the compatibility will start with a meeting of two minds. Then, it will swiftly turn into the partnership.

Virgo Likes

When two star signs join together in a romance match, just like 2 pieces of the puzzle they fit each other really well. They are looking for security in partnership and share a love of culture and beauty. Virgo and Libra appreciate superficial pleasures, and they enjoy all forms of art. They both compliment one another in many ways. Those are great communicators as sharing a lot of good conversations. Despite the above things, the love match of these two star signs has more problems to overcome.

If these two zodiac signs, want their relationship to last long, the only way is to resolve the differences. Virgo and Libra signs do share the need to seek perfection. It is tough to reach agreement on financial matters as Virgo is prone to be more frugal than Libra. If the Virgo cannot control itself and find fault, Libra will soon feel uncomfortable and move on.

However, they have the potential for a strong physical relationship. It is advised to have more conversations to understand and sympathize with the partners more. Aries traits are well-known with impulsiveness and enthusiasm; meanwhile, Virgo woman is way more sober, mature, and reserved. However, despite the fact they have a stark contrast in the personality, they are actually compatible.

This relationship takes time to really get in-sync and develop. Both astrology signs like two parallel lines — parallel but never intersect.


The conflict of different personalities leads to irreconcilable misunderstanding, and this accidentally separates Aries from Virgo. When Virgo woman and Aries man come together in a love match, they may think, at first, that they have nothing in common as well as nothing to learn from one another. The Bull is able to placate and show the Virgin how to open her heart.

The male teaches the female about fun and excitement, about the spontaneity that is often mission in her life. On the other hand, Virgo teaches her partner patience and attention to detail; the knowledge that the little things and moments are important too. This is such an unpredictable pairing — when both are in a relationship, they tend to bring out the best and worst in each other. While Virgo is sensible, logical, and practical, Aquarius can be patient, enthusiastic, and sensitive.

Interestingly, the combination between the Virgin and the Water Bearer is full of excitement and troubles at the same time. The relationship of Virgo woman and Aquarius man might have more challenges than other people, but the empathy and mutual understanding enable these two to beat off everything. Both have a strong connection since they really share the deepest emotions with one another. The female Virgo has the practicality necessary for a stable relationship whereas the male Aquarius always finds a way to make it more colorful and exciting. There is, truly, an almost seamless energy that makes it a pleasure being in company with each other.

However, there are still some contrasts making the compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius not appreciated. An Aquarian is a free-minded person who loves to learn too many things and has to deal with his own projects that he has no time for his Virgo. And, this makes her unsatisfied and often leads to disagreements in their love. There are times when Virgo finds her Water Bearer unreliable, and then she slowly takes control of him. The point is — Aquarius is famous for his love for freedom.

Virgo in Relationships & in Bed

Gradually, both will lose their mutual attraction. The relationship here needs more than understanding and compromise. Both signs have strong personalities and do hope to get respect from one another. If you want to discover more information about attracting a Virgo woman, then please write any kind of your questions here.

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