Capricorn weekly astrology forecast january 3 2020 michele knight

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Simple to use interactive web chat and video readings web chat video chat. Loads of free readings available online view free readings. Like your own personal horoscope page, with easy online payments! Join members area now! The general astrology of brings expansion, liberation and opportunities awaken us all to a sense of adventure in So, for the rest of January and on until March we have a period of two months where all the planets are direct.

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  5. Capricorn - Horoscope - by Michele Knight.
  6. At least until March 5 when Mercury brings us its special brand of retrograde mayhem in Pisces. The message for us all as begins is to look forward and move into the future. So, what we may be seeing as the New Year begins is the energy of these planets reflected in a big way in our own lives and the world around us. And in both positive and negative forms. If you were born under any of these signs, have one as a rising sign or a personal planet in one or more of them, then harness the positive aspects of your ruler and use these to set the tone for the whole year ahead. Do you need to be a warrior for love?

    A comedic explorer? A scaler of heights or a mystic creator? Or maybe a little bit of all of these things? Uranus only spent a short time in Taurus before turning retrograde and heading back into Aries.

    Astrology Preview! - Michele Knight

    But the time the planet of awakenings spent in the sign of money and values, should have given us all a taste of what it has in store for us. March 6 sees Uranus re-enter Taurus where it will remain for the next seven years. Most specifically our money and most importantly, our values. Money is energy. And with energy there is always an exchange. We talk about changing money.