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On the road to self-discovery, individuals born on the 14th of February need to go through an inner set of fears, shadows, and restrictions they impose on themselves to reach the light at the end of a tunnel. This is a lifetime that will teach them about responsibility and everything they set out to achieve without really considering their true heart's desires and the state of inner peace. Once they face their demons and jump into the unknown, facing family ties, law propositions, traditional values, and everything that Aquarius is so easy to dismiss on their road towards liberation, they will learn that freedom hides in acceptance and not denial.

The Sun and the Moon are separated by a mountain in this planetary row, and they will feel the need to overcome their own abilities, physical, emotional, and mental, to finally find the love needed to feel childish joy and happiness.

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The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 14th of a leap year and two years preceding it:. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 14th of a year following a leap year:.

The sign of Aquarius is one of the masculine signs by nature, but its symbols emphasize this fact, each of them reminding us of the importance of the feminine to keep the balance. Keep in mind that the first symbol speaks of the perfection of BOTH wings of the butterfly, the right one is just a little more perfect. The story of equality and gender domination can come into focus here, only until the person finds that no masculine activity could be done without the feminine within, be it the left wing or a hydrometer.

It is the actual Aquarian liberation that those born of February 14th seek, achieved through work, acceptance and the position of equality. Although we might state that every Aquarius is on their quest for freedom, these individuals see it as a vivid force pulling them forwards, a light beam to hold on to when circumstances get difficult.

On a day of love, their task seems to be focused on their own individuality rather than any other person, and the love of Self they are to discover in this lifetime, as they discover the value of tradition too. As if there was a rock standing between those born on this date and any other person, they will constantly feel something standing in their way in their serious relationships. The more they seek their personal freedom, the harder it will be to share it with the rest of the world, and this inner conflict makes them a bit difficult as partners and spouses.

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Spontaneity will give them wings and keep them open for new emotional experiences and excitements necessary to keep their life force strong. Keeping their distance from the outer world is usually their way of dealing with limitations and people they find tiring. As their third chakra gets stronger and they find a way to express their personality vividly and with clarity, they will feel stronger to face everyone around them and manage to steer clear of those who choose to steal energy instead of creating their own.

Only then will they be prepared for actual intimacy with someone just as special and unique as they are. A person born on February 14th excels at being different from everyone else. Their talents will usually be found in unusual activities and places too, and while we might expect an Aquarius to artistically express, this is someone with a knack for mathematics or history, a programmer, astrologer, or an architect, someone to create something in the real world that is to be used.

To inspire others, they must embrace their limitations and see their true nature as unique and special, even if it doesn't coincide with their closest surroundings or their family. The crystal that fits the nature of an Aquarius born on February 14th is fosterite, in any color available. It is a stone that enhances communication with spirit guides and it will help one understand and receive messages of the Universe.

Boosting their mind processes and clearing up the field of thought, this stone will help them avoid unnecessary distractions and make changes to the planned course when necessary. While it's usually all about you, today you may want to send some of that love and attention to someone who's really been in your corner.

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Whether single or not, love shines today for you when you remember you're not the only one in the room. Think of others. Work could go well today if you're careful not to push yourself too hard or take on too much. Overall, you need to get used to asking and receiving help from others, even if you think you can take care of something all on your own. You don't have to carry all the weight on your shoulders.

You're in the mood for some romantic fun today — and you most certainly deserve it.

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That means being your usual outgoing self can pay off if you're single and looking to mingle. So get to flirting with someone cute. If you already have a boo, a day trip or night on the town wins. You may find yourself feeling super focused when it comes to your career today, though your partner or your private life may need some TLC instead.

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  • While your ambitions are important, spending too much time on them can throw you off balance. You need love, too. Romance could be a sweet escape for you today if you're willing to travel. You could meet someone on an international trip or in your own neighborhood — which means that staying home is not an option. Bae'd up?

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    Look to ways you can teach each other something new. You and your partner may not see eye to eye over a financial issue, which may mean that there needs to be some compromise on your behalf in order for you two to come to an agreement. You're reminded to stick to your standards when it comes to a new love match. You may be wanting attention, but your partner may not be giving you as much as you'd like — which could cause some tension. Before you take anything to heart, though, it may help if you speak up and tell them how you feel first.

    Love could happily surprise you today. You may find yourself pulled in two directions today when it comes to wanting to keep it low-key and wanting to keep busy — but for today, a little self-love goes a long way.