Los angeles times horoscope december 19

A full moon on your birthday means there are two very different goals in your life and somehow you will have to make room for them both.

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Make sure you work toward each of them every single day, however small the steps you take. Because the full moon cuts across the friendship angle of your chart you must make time for fun and games. Get out and about and have a good time and ignore those who say you are neglecting your duties.

You alone know what's best for you. By all means speak your mind this week but be aware that your words will have consequences. The full moon warns if you annoy the wrong person you could find that an important source of finance is no longer available to you. A full moon in your sign will play havoc with your emotions during the early part of the week, but now you know that you can make a conscious decision not to overreact.


Whatever happens it's not worth getting upset about. There is no point looking to the past and wishing that things had been different. What's done is done and cannot be undone and if you can internalize that fact this weekend you will be able to move on with a clear conscience at last. If you find yourself caught between rival factions this week you must make a conscious effort not to favour one side or the other. If you can, keep a low profile. If you can't, stay above the fight and resist the urge to get involved. Do you truly believe what you say you believe? The planets warn if you have any doubts at all they will be picked up by your rivals and used against you.

Maybe you should give your values and viewpoints a bit more thought. Not everyone will be happy with your ability to see both sides of a story. One particular person may in fact demand that you back them and make their enemies your enemies, too. You're not going to do that. Be friends with everyone.

Sure Trick?

South could have gotten home by leading a club to his 10 next; but South didn't know about the clubs and was sure he could get another trick in diamonds. He led another diamond and the alligator got him. East took the jack, king, ace and six of diamonds, defeating the contract. If East wins the first diamond and leads, say, a spade, South will surely take nine tricks. He'll probably win in dummy and finesse with the 10 of clubs, losing a club and three diamonds. Your partner opens one spade, you respond INT, he bids two hearts and you return to two spades. Partner next bids 2 NT.

The opponents pass. What do you say? Answer You might have been obliged to bid two spades with a much weaker hand; nevertheless, partner tried for game again with 2NT. Deal gingerly with Gemini, Virgo people who engage in temperamental outbursts. Taurus April May 20 : Be aware of foreign exchange rates, study statistics involving money, economic cycles. Stick close to field you know, don't go too far away.

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Gemini May June 20 : First choice wrong two more opportunities exist, third chance is winner. Make terms crystal clear, check areas involving real estate, resorts. Pisces plays role. Cancer June July 22 : Day to prepare thesis include information not usually obtainable. Stress practicality, deal with durable goods, set high standards.

Capricorn is in spotlight. Leo July Aug. Travel, reach beyond the immediate.

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If you are happy together, you are likely seeing progress and growth, but if you do not feel valued or supported, you may look for other options and avenues. Money is likely coming and going and will certainly be on your mind. At the end of the month, the Solar Eclipse will be pushing you to throw your inhibitions to the wind and step out of your comfort zone. You could find yourself deeply engaged in a new study or learning a unique belief system.

Some Taurus may be ready to travel the world or embrace new ideas. Others could be launching an important publishing or media project that could possibly reach a global audience. No matter what, focus on your message and allow your soul to fly. Partnerships in love and business will surely be on your mind at the very beginning of December, and you will have an opportunity to get closer with someone you already are with or find a person who is a great mirror to you. Some Gemini could be tying the knot if happy or breaking up if bored. Mid-month will be your most important moment of the year, though, because it is a Full Moon in your sign.

This puts you front-and-center and you could see an important personal achievement coming to light. The Solar Eclipse at the end of the month will again have you thinking about partnerships, but also on what you give and receive. Your day-to-day routine is on your mind and this could be as simple as your work life and employment or perhaps even your fitness regiment.

Some Cancer could be taking on more responsibility or deciding to switch to a new job. The holiday season is always a bit hectic, but be sure not to take on more than you can handle. Yet, the Solar Eclipse across the sky at the very end of the month will be a major moment in your lifetime. Happily coupled Cancer could be taking the next step with their partner or making significant long-term plans.

Troubled Cancer could be seeing break-ups happen that were destined to come. If you are single and looking, this could be a great time where you dance with a soul mate so be sure to not miss this fated moment in life. Your heart is aflame, Leo, at the very beginning of December. You could already be in love and enjoying your passionate connection or this is a good time to seek out someone who gets your blood pumping! Creativity is also highlighted for you at this time.

The Zodiac Killer: A Timeline

However, at the very end of the month, a Solar Eclipse will rock your work life. This could be a time where you shift directions in your day-to-day employment, take on more responsibility, or want to try something new entirely. The doors are open: which one will you choose? The beginning of December has you very much in your feels. Open your heart at this time. Mid-month, though has your career sounding the bells! You could be seeing an important recognition or achievement at this time for hard work done well.

Consider ways to move higher up the ladder or pursue a new ambitious direction. However, as the New Year approaches, the Solar Eclipse will be blasting a doorway in your heart right open. This is a fertile time for love, romance, and creativity, so if you put yourself out there and are looking, you could be very in luck. Your mind is buzzing at the very beginning of the month, Libra, so get ready to be focusing on an important communications-related project. Strategize a way to be sure your message resounds.

Horoscope for Friday, August 23, 12222

Mid-month, though, we see you focusing on your beliefs and ideals. How can you open your mind to even greater horizons? After all, if you see and know more, the greater you can experience the world. At the very end of the year, the Solar Eclipse will be rocking your home, family, and domestic sector, though. You could be moving or attending to a very important situation with your kindred. You are also likely feeling extra emotional and must face your feelings rather than running from them.

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