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SamathaWatson-Meriweather 4 years ago Yup.. I love being a Sagittarius. MaxPirozkov 4 years ago I agree Sagittarius ,looks majestic instead of from the nightmarish realm. C 4 years ago Also Virgo my sign! MatthewCraft 4 years ago Sagittarius is mine to, it's not scary, it's just wicked. JamesIreland 4 years ago I know, I've seen scarier baked beans. I, as a fellow Sagittarius am very disappointed.

IsabelleRam 4 years ago Yeah, Sagittarius should have been way more bad-ass. TaylorPeterson 4 years ago Exactly what I was thinking. MylesSinclair 4 years ago my one sux. BarbaraWood 4 years ago Exactly! MattDoValle 4 years ago My thoughts exactly lol. Bluebell Rizzi 7 months ago We're badass looking tho.

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Lonny Parton 2 years ago you are unquestionably dumber than a broken bag of hammers. JenaEames 4 years ago Virgo is gorgeous. Donna Perry 4 years ago Sagitarious, not sure of spelling. AberranFox 4 years ago I feel the same way it looks rather normal some are not scary but the rest are at least creepy. Darby Murphy 4 years ago So you wanna see that swimming at you in the water? Derek Peck 4 years ago i know, right. DerekPeck 4 years ago I know. AaronMeadors 4 years ago IKR. JessicaHutchins 4 years ago I think the body is creepy. Casper Gee 4 years ago Lol i knw right thats my sign too.

Dakota Barber 4 years ago Of course my sign is the dumbest looking one. JessicaRussianSifontes 4 years ago You call that not scary? JessicaGaitan 4 years ago I agree that's my sign look so sweet. ChuckJones 4 years ago In mythology, mermaids would ensnare sailors by singing.. FlorenceBurns 4 years ago Don't mermaids eat human flesh though? FroggyLove 4 years ago I feel like he forgot to add the second fish with Pisces but he did right with gemini DesiiRamos 4 years ago I thought pisces looked the most magestic.

But i love mermaids so count it or not lol. Darby Murphy 4 years ago It's missing my second fish!!!

CarlyLindsey 4 years ago i felt the same. MonicaBing 4 years ago Yes, and mine too. Anne Avram 4 years ago yes mine too. Chelcea May 4 years ago right! SarahPalmateer 4 years ago A centaur with a freaking horse head?! Whaaaat lol. MercedesSmith 4 years ago But we already look terrifying so no worries. IanCampbellThomas 4 years ago I thought it would have been epic! JeetDasgupta 4 years ago Our sign the "Sagi" looks week SandraKohler 4 years ago I agree! Mine is the saggitarius and it's not scarey at all. AngelaHess 4 years ago Ha, I agree. Capricorn isn't so scary either.

Capricorn horoscope for August 12222: What this month holds for YOU

DaianeAraujo 4 years ago Our sign sucks CodyShiranai 4 years ago On top of that, it's all wrong. MarleenQuinzel 4 years ago I thought Aquarius was a mermaid not Ursula Daniel Riquelme Abazola 4 years ago he took names , not for the signs itself. Reya Bringer 4 years ago Boohyeah! Kudos for schooling the place who assume!

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SharenDowdy 4 years ago It actually is not represented correctly. Devon Rittersdorf 1 year ago And actually you are, ultimately wrong. JenniferReeves 4 years ago Agreed.

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  6. It looks like the illegitimate love child between an octopus an Jabba the Hut. BeauAltman 4 years ago its the son of Ursula and Jabba. MelodyLee 4 years ago It's Ursula JoseMercado 4 years ago Ursula's Husband. KellyKnight 4 years ago Thank you!! I was so disappointed. JacobBrown 4 years ago in reality it needs to be a mix of Virgo and Pisces maybe not as beautiful as virgo or fish like as pisces but a balanced mix.

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